WD Swelthills 1st April 2017

Working Day Swelthills, New Buildings, 1st April 2017

Text by Michael Coleman.
Videos by Mike Brett (upper), George & Cynthia Smeeth (lower).

On 1 April, we held our first working day of 2017 at Swelthills Farm, Newbuildings. On a classic April day of mostly sunshine, but with occasional brisk showers, members enjoyed the good working conditions in a large field that had kindly been made available to the club by the Cheriton family. In all, around 30 vintage tractors participated, the majority using a variety of different types of vintage ploughs, while others worked with cultivators or trailed harrows. The day provided an ideal opportunity for members to get together in a relaxed atmosphere and to engage in non-competitive ploughing and other working. Equally importantly, there was also plenty of time to catch up on news and put the world to rights over refreshments, in and around one of the club’s marquees where the club’s membership secretary Tina and her husband Joe provided their customary excellent range of snacks and drinks.

Members were pleased that Richard Cheriton, who had lent them the use of the field, was able to put in an appearance during the proceedings and see his field, which enjoys fine views over the surrounding glorious Mid Devon countryside, put to a colourful alternative use! By late afternoon, members, their families and other spectators were able to wend their way home after a thoroughly enjoyable day.