Celebration Tractor Run & Lunch, 31st July 2021

Celebration Tractor Run & Lunch, 31st July 2021

Text and photo by John Moore.

Line of tractors at the Countryman Restaurant

The committee were at last able to organise a celebration day for club members and friends.

Now that Covid controls for events have been further relaxed we organised a tractor run for club members from Morchard Road, culminating in a sit down lunch where the tractor drivers were joined by family and friends at the Countryman restaurant.

Our last indoors club event prior to Covid lockdown was in February 2020.

Our Autumn programme of events was detailed by the Chairman to those attending the lunch.

First there would be a members-only working day on September 11th. Then an indoor meeting on 15th September at Morchard Bishop Memorial Hall when Mr Terry Plenty will discuss marine propulsion systems with which he was familiar during his career on super tankers.

This event will be followed by a one day coach trip to the Teagle’s factory in Cornwall, with the afternoon being spent at the Bodmin and Wenford Railway on September 29th.