February 2024

The Christmas Party was well attended and a great success. Following the traditional Christmas meal at the Countryman (though some murmurings about Christmas Pudding being unavailable) We were royally entertained by Titch Scott on the legends of Dartmoor. He never ceases to entertain and   include members of his audience whilst spinning some ghostly tales!

January meeting ~ A very well attended meeting proving how popular is Dan Downs, best known to BBC Spotlight viewers as a regular presenter of the weather. He gave us a very detailed account of his pathway to reaching his present position. He clearly is a very talented man, an engineer as well as a presenter, with a wide range of abilities and experience. It was amazing to hear just how many regions he covers with his weather forecasts for radio and just how much work has to go into making them as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

Dan then gave time to his father Gerald Downs who entertained us with his knowledge, and use! Of the Devon Dialects. Clearly understood by the    majority of our members (the Devon bred ones anyway) it was a delight to hear the full range of words and phrases used ‘back when’ and their origins. The wonderful story of ‘The Maisters Sow’ entertained us all.

Dan then returned to give us more details of his very full daily schedule and then shared an interesting ditty written by himself involving the weather in some local areas, very clever!!