Working Day Nymet Tracey 28th October 2018

Working Day Nymet Tracy, 28th October 2018

Text and video by Mike Brett.

The Autumn ‘Working Day’ had been planned for the beginning of September, but heavy rain just prior to the intended date meant that the entrance way was water-logged and would soon have become a quagmire. So the event had to be postponed.

After our seemingly endless mild summer weather, some seasonally cold weather had arrived at the end of October, and perhaps that factor, together with other ploughing events on the same day resulted in a smaller turn out than is usual at this annual event.

Everyone was very grateful for the shelter of the marquee which had been positioned so as to face a great view towards Bow, and of course for Tina and Joe’s usual welcome hot food and drinks to warm us as the wind gusted down from the Arctic.

Luckily it remained dry for the whole day and there was plenty of bright sunshine.

(The video has no sound track)