Sandford, 2nd April 2016

Working Day Sandford, 2nd April 2016

Text by Michael Coleman: video by Mike & Rebecca Brett.

This Spring ‘Working Day’ was kindly hosted by the Isaac family. It was pouring with rain first thing in in some parts of the district, which may have put a few off depending where they were coming from. As usual, some members drove in on tractors, others brought them on trailers or towed a second tractor on a trailer. Fortunately, it stayed fine all day for the event itself, although the wind was very keen on a chilly day.

There were great views from the location across the countryside and, with the marquee set up in good time by Stewart and with Roger having brought on-site the generator and stove etc, the refreshments were soon in full swing and those indulging were able to do so out of the wind. It is always difficult for Tina, Joe and the other helpers to anticipate the exact demand for food, but they got it right as usual. As someone said “Great work by the catering staff who on a chilly day kept us supplied with hot food and drinks”.

On the working side, about 25 tractors of varying types and vintages made for a colourful spectacle and the ploughing was enjoyed by the participants, experienced and otherwise, and by spectators.

One member new to ploughing, Paul, commented “.. everyone was happy to give me plenty of support at my first outing with the plough. That was great and very useful. By the end of the day I was getting some understanding around it ….. and dare I say making a better job than a nuzzling pig!” Thanks in particular are due to Martyn and Ross for passing on their knowledge. With Paul’s Field Marshall chugging away all day as suitable accompaniment, the Isaac family gave the club an excellent day that was appreciated by all who were there.